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Zapbox has the best solutions in logistics and advice on duties (customs) in removals from Europe to Brazil. We offer a complete package, from the removal and packing of your things to delivery at the destination.

We guarantee our high quality standard in international removals with highly trained and qualified professionals. We are always looking to innovate and so we use state-of-the-art technology and international standard packaging materials. In this way, we can offer peace of mind in the transportation of your items.

We understand that an international removal causes many doubts. However, at Zapbox, our priority during the removal is to ensure that you experience a calm international transition to your new home, regardless of the distance to your new abode. Our advisers will contact you to analyse the details and your special needs, from the logistics involved to the best ways of managing your transportation in the most efficient way possible.

For this reason, we provide a removal without the headache, which is simplified and with the best cost-benefit ratio on the market. Request a quote without any commitment.


of all sizes

There are container models for every transportation need. We prioritise your choice and send all your belongings efficiently and safely, guaranteeing the best price and service. Our door-to-door service, i.e. completely our responsibility: we pack up your things in your house, load the container, send it to the destination port and deliver your items to your new home.

Arraste para a caixa

Make the most of our box without a weight limit to send your belongings: clothes, shoes, cooking utensils, bags, books, electronics, tools, perfumes and much more!

Box without
weight limit

Send your box without weight limit throughout Brazil and make the most of sending your belongings, such as clothes, shoes, cooking utensils, bags, books, electronics, tools, perfumes and much more! We pack and transport your belonging and deliver them to the destination address. Each item is appropriately handled by trained professionals that specialise in house removals. We work with reinforced boxes of the highest quality with a unique size of 80x55x55 cm.

mala grande

Our box is the equivalent of 4 suitcases

We take care of the whole process and the bureaucracy

International removals are often presented as a complex and bureaucratic procedure. With Zapbox, you won’t have to worry about the bureaucracy. One of the differences with our service is the advice we give regarding the delivery of your belongings. This advice starts before everything is packed up and only ends after your belongings have been delivered.


Always know where your delivery is

We work with advanced technology when it comes to knowing where your delivery is We have real time tracking for higher customer satisfaction and trust. Our customers receive their own login to be able to check where their things are whenever they deem it necessary and in real time! You can always know where your delivery is.

100% guaranteed until delivery


Transportation from Europe to Brazil

We perform house removals throughout Brazil, with excellent customer service, defined deadlines and a fantastic cost-benefit ratio. We offer a door-to-door house removal service. Our mission is to provide peace of mind and wellbeing to our customers.

We deliver throughout Brazil: Acre (AC), Alagoas (AL), Amapá (AP), Amazonas (AM), Bahía (BA), Ceará (CE), Espírito Santo (ES), Goiás (GO), Maranhão (MA), Mato Grosso (MT), Mato Grosso do Sul (MS), Minas Gerais (MG), Pará (PA), Paraíba (PB), Paraná (PR), Pernambuco (PE), Piauí (PI), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Rio Grande do Norte (RN), Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Rondônia (RO), Roraima (RR), Santa Catarina (SC), São Paulo (SP), Sergipe (SE), Tocantins (TO), Distrito Federal (DF).

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Coverage in Europe

Zapbox also offers a door-to-door service in Europe. We serve companies and individuals who require quick and reliable EU transportation. We perform transportations between countries such as Spain, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy.


Logistics services for your company

We can be the solution for your company in transportation and distribution within Europe We have a team that is extremely careful in the handling of your company’s goods.

Distribution outsourcing to Europe

Zapbox is your strategic commercial partner, contributing with its business expertise and adding necessary assets and technology while committing to deadlines. We offer distribution of your products, raw materials, components and goods, among others.

Tailored logistics services

Zapbox is capable of offering specific logistics services for your company, since we adapt to the needs of our clients with personalised logistics projects. The simplification of logistics processes saves time and money.

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